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Later dominant telecom providers also started to provide Internet services.In 2015 January, China added seven new access points to the world’s Internet backbone, adding to the three points that connect through Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.Public Internet services are usually provided by provincial telecom companies, which sometimes are traded between networks.Internet service providers without a nationwide network could not compete with their bandwidth provider, the telecom companies, and often run out of business.Other Internet service providers such as the human resource service provider 51job and the electronic commerce web sites such as are less popular but more successful on their specialty. All websites that operate in China with their own domain name must have an ICP license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.Because the PRC government blocks many foreign websites, many homegrown copycats of foreign websites have appeared. As of 2015, Google has limited to no presence in China.The interconnection between these networks is a big concern for Internet users, since Internet traffic via the global Internet is quite slow.

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For example, Sina claims it has about 94.8 million registered users and more than 10 million active ones engaged in their fee-based services.According to Kaiser Kuo, the internet in China is largely used for entertainment purposes, being referred to as the "entertainment superhighway".However, it also serves as the first public forum for Chinese citizens to freely exchange their ideals.Although the Chinese write fewer emails, they enjoy other online communication tools.Users form their communities based on different interests.

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