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Between those extremes arise a myriad of plots that a member of the audience can relate to at any time, whether it’s self-injury, a dangerous relationship with a parent or even sexual assault.

The matter at fact is that, whether we’re adolescents or adults, we sympathize and identify with the stories on Degrassi, because it doesn’t hide from the universality of suffering and shows us how to make it through.

After Sadly, Terri left the show earlier than we wanted her to, but we’d probably have left Degrassi High after all that drama with Rick.

In real life, Christina (she also goes by Chrissy) left the show to continue her career in modeling. We cheered when she finally landed her man but then she got pregnant and we remembered how crazy this show was. She’s actually the Digital Marketing Coordinator for Urban Adventures. Shane Kippel played the best jerk-popular kid on the entire series, you loved him, you hated him, and you totally had a crush on him, even if Paige totally messed with his emotions.

The names Cassie Steele and Miriam Mc Donald come in from the left of the screen.

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Sometimes she redeemed herself, other times we were rooting against her.

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If there’s anything Degrassi (recently named one of the best high school shows of all time by Paste) loves more than toying with its audience, it’s subjecting its teenage characters to repeated hardships.

Now in its 15th season, Degrassi has become cyclical with its plots, perhaps for story power, resonance within the audience or an existentialist interpretation of adolescence.

In 15 years, Degrassi’s characters have overcome more than a usual share of disasters, ranging anywhere from starting your first period, or getting a boner in class, to suicide and murder.

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