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"In those days," Schmidt explains, "bricks were laid outside to dry." The Cheshire Cat displays a variety of local handicrafts, artwork, homemade soaps and jams and jellies in varieties such as blueberry champagne and lemon strawberry marmalade.The shop also offers arguably the best collection anywhere of books about the Pine Barrens, many of them written and published by Schmidt, including A Self-Guided Tour of Chatsworth & Vicinity and Exploring the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.In Pot Pourri from a Surrey Garden he eulogises: "Pam, you great big mountainous sports girl," and faints with longing for her sturdily masculine allure: "See the strength of her arm, as firm and hairy as Hendren's;/ See the size of her thighs, the pout of her lips as, cross,/ And full of pent-up strength, she swipes at the rhododendrons,/ Lucky the rhododendrons." Lucky indeed.At various times, in different volumes, she reappears as Myfanwy, a strapping, super-confident "chum to the weak", or Bonzo Trouncer, another Aphrodite in shorts, or Laurelie Williams, Queen of the Hunt Ball.She said: “The door to the flat was opened by Feng Sun and at the address were three other people.“The co-defendant was in the kitchen trying to conceal two notebook and in one of the bedrooms there was another female who was naked and a naked man who was sat on the edge of the bed.“The man was spoken to and said he had been told about an adult entertainment website which he looked at and made an appointment to visit the flat.“He said when he got there, the door was opened by Feng Sun who directed him to a bedroom.“He admitted he had gone there looking for sexual favours.”Miss Joyce said the man had handed the sex worker £60 and she began to massage him.“A short time later he heard someone shouting ‘it’s the police’.“He said she grabbed a dressing gown from a wardrobe and he began to rapidly get dressed.”Mee, 41 and Sun, 31, both of no fixed address, were arrested and answered “no comment” to then questions they were asked.But they both later pleaded guilty to one count each of controlling prostitutes for gain.After Jack died, the store had a series of owners until it was finally sold for unpaid taxes.

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-- for most of the 20th century by Willis Jefferson Buzby and, after his death, by his son 3 p.m., and the cafe on the same days from 7 a.m. Against one wall of the shop is a non-working fireplace that dates to the original construction in 1865.If customers look closely at the bricks, they will see raccoon footprints.But the last word in Betjeman Girl was Joan Hunter Dunn, who has died aged 92.The poem he wrote for her, A Subaltern's Love Song, a paean of rapture over a posh tennis partner, is full of the now-familiar Bertie Wooster-ish hopelessness of the nervous lover, but full too of the quivering social dread of the outsider.

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