Dating in rural areas

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Yet, the same projects placed these areas under the increasing strain of over-urbanisation.

Clearly, the development paradigm of the past 18 years, with its emphasis on urban development, in the expectation that this medicine would also heal ailing rural areas, did not do so, and did not produce the economic impact our socio-engineers had envisaged.

To achieve its vision, the new department defined its role and mission as being that of facilitating integrated development and social cohesion through partnerships with all sectors of society.

The most important strategy the department pursues to deliver on the CRDP’s strategic objectives is, Agrarian Transformation.

Following its establishment, the new ministry immediately embarked on an intensive process to define and conceptualise what rural development should be, and to provide a framework of how it should be implemented.

Government’s plan for developing rural areas, the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP) is aimed specifically at curing the blight of poverty by the creation of vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities.

South Africa’s cities have benefited greatly from projects that developed and improved infrastructure and social services.

It was recognised afresh that the social and economic transformation of South Africa would be incomplete without the implementation of fundamental interventions to address the challenges faced daily by the majority of people in rural areas.

These challenges include limited economic activity, inadequate infrastructure, widespread poverty, high unemployment and unmarketable skills levels.

GPs in training will receive a "golden hello" of £20,000 if they start their careers in the countryside or on the coast in a bid to boost the number of family doctors in areas with difficulty recruiting.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is to introduce a package of measures to help the struggling GP workforce.

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