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In fact it’s often a proudly displayed badge of honor for the Irish. That may have changed a few weeks ago My wife took a taxi ride, and the taxi driver began to rant, as is their way in this fair city. And now that pubs are unaffordable, many drink at home.You’d think that after two years, I’d have some notion of what’s behind the stereotype. According to the website Ireland’s Drinking Culture, the first pub dates back to 1198, and whiskey dates back to the 1400s.Our site also allows members to chat online and make dates online.There is also a matchmaking system which matches Thai women with foreign men. and worldwide, Thai Love recruits hundreds of Thai women everyday as well as foreign members. It is nobody’s business but the Irish.” But it got me thinking. Coincidentally, several friends of ours (both Irish and expat) have, in various ways, put forth the notion that Ireland, as a country, exhibits many of the characteristics of an alcoholic. ” For an answer to the first question, we ought to look at what and where the Irish drink. When she came home and related the story to me, my first thought was, “He’s right.

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