Live cam bothway

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A couple months ago Fred della Faille was on a roof, looking out at a picturesque New York City skyline.

He felt a sudden urge to take a photo with Instagram, like many of us would, but he wanted to capture the entire moment — not just the view from the top of a random rooftop.

The final product feels authentic, a snapshot of a moment and the person who captured it.

As with Snapchat, when you tap on the Frontback app, the first screen you see is the capture interface.

He wanted his face, his reaction, to be part of the scene he was documenting.

As you flip through your Instagram feed, friends’ avatars scroll by, but none of them ever change.

Otherwise blurry footage is still the name of the game.

Frontback's greatest virtue is that the photos it produces, like Snapchats, feel honest and unproduced, while still letting you brag about what you’re up to.

"We give you an excuse to take a selfie," says della Faille.

Post them up on Facebook and You Tube easily using the one-click uploading feature from the free and user-friendly Live!

When it comes to communicating from the underwater world, video is #1.

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