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Most commonly, MOOs are connected to by users using a client which speaks the telnet protocol, which provides a stay-alive connection with the host, to relay output and send commands.

Some however have developed web interfaces, or other such methods; however this commonly limits interaction that the user can have, usually to the point they have no interaction, but instead can browse objects and discover typical information.

The ultimate aim of Vis Log is to help users with ...

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and generate a three dimensional interactive view of the subsurface layers.

One of the most distinguishing features of a MOO is that its users can perform object-oriented programming within the server, ultimately expanding and changing how the server behaves to everyone.

Examples of such changes include authoring new rooms and objects, creating new generic objects for others to use, and changing the way the MOO interface operates.

Developments in cross-MOO networking have also led to the creation of Sun NET, a hubless network allowing cross-MOO communication and add extra possibilities to cross-MOO development, including networked channels.

Another network called GNA-NET, designed by Gustavo Glusman of Bio MOO connected seventeen mostly education sites.

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