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How to do a 15-minute fartlek workout: Incorporate 1 session per week.Beginner: - 1-minute run- 1-min walk/jog- 2-minute run- 2-minute walk/jog- 3-minute run- 2-minute walk/jog- 4-minute run- 3-minute walk/jog- 5-minute run- 3-minute walk/jog Advanced: Follow the same workout pattern above—1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, and 5 minutes—only with a 2-minute jog for active recovery between each.Then, as you get stronger and more able to truck through these, you can increase the incline. “Remember, this is pure explosiveness, so it should be difficult,” Bradshaw says. Advanced: Complete 5-6 reps, taking 3-5 minutes rest in between each rep.

At this intensity, you're pushing very hard, but not going as fast/hard as you can. How to do a long-sprint workout: For long sprints that’ll tap into your speed endurance, do 2-3 sessions per week.To help you become more methodical with your runs, we asked Gena Bradshaw, P.T., an assistant track and field coach and Life Time Fitness trainer, to suggest five training mainstays every runner should have in his workout regimen.“Remember to maintain good form: shoulders down and back, chest up, and breathe,” Bradshaw says.“This will help you run more efficiently, and help you progress each week.” How to do an interval workout: This routine is known as "ladders". Beginner:- run 50 meters- walk/jog 50 meters- run 100 meters- walk/jog 50 meters- run 150 meters- walk/jog 50 meters- run 200 meters- walk/jog 50 meters- run 250 meters- walk/jog 50 meters Advanced: Complete the same workout above, only go "up and down" the ladder.

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