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Using several Authors' blocks, one can create methodics of any complexity.

For example, an Author can translate his/her methodic into another language by placing a translation block in front of a block of his/her methodic.

An Author can be sure that methodic will not be used otherwise than described in the contract, and that the platform will not increase bills for use to the extent that it becomes unprofitable.

Advantages for Human Science are that thanks to decentralized architecture, it will become possible to collect large scopes of data about human behavior but without binding to some service that can go bankrupt or close at any level. A Consumer receives a certain number of HD-tokens at registration and subsequently pays with them for the platform services.

A problem of Authors of methodics is that methodics are disorganized, often poorly described, and precious data that they collect are usually lost.

This complicates their improvement and results in distrust by the public.

We will spend the coming year to reevaluate our economy model, conduct more market research to come up with renewed version of Human Discovery Platform. Sincerely, Timur Karimbaev, CEO of Human Discovery Platform An Author is a psychologist, coach, astrologist, scientist, career consultant, a consultant for health and other areas that can be referred to Human Science, who has studies on the interpretation of a person's characteristics in the form of a methodic.

Human Discovery Platform will facilitate the interaction of Authors of methodics and their sponsors as well as Entrepreneurs.We create a synergistic environment where the best methodics from coaches, psychologists, and other Authors will be collected and digitized, and tools will be created for launching products based on them.An Author can install a methodic into a system, having created a block for it.A block is a list of records in a distributed database that will receive information about a person according to the requirements of a methodic, process it and deliver recommendations in a structured view.Complex methodics are created via combining blocks of various Authors.

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