Updating app config c

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By using the app.config it allows a user to just open up the .config file that sits beside their file and edit the URLs right there and then re-run the app; no recompiling, no redeployment necessary.I spent a good few hours fighting with the app.config and looking at examples on Google before I was able to get things to work properly.Configuration files are useful if you want to enable non-programmers to configure your application, or just don’t want to hack python module files just to change the database port.A very common syntax for configuration files is shown here: is changed.This may be an easier solution for you than going through the code I show below in this post.So I recently thought I’d try using the app.config file to specify some data for my application (such as URLs) rather than hard-coding it into my app, which would require a recompile and redeploy of my app if one of our URLs changed.

In that case you can get them all like this: // Grab the Environments listed in the App.config and add them to our list.= null) This looks very similar to what we had before in the “simple” example.The main points of interest are that we cast the section as Connection Manager Data Section (which is the class we defined for our section) and then iterate over the endpoints collection using the Connection Manager Endpoints property we created in the Connection Manager Data Section class.Featurelayer Chooser From Map class Featurelayer Service Browser class Feature Set Chooser For Single Layer class Filter class Image Chooser class Item Selector class Layer Chooser From Map class Renderer Chooser class Report class Snap Shot class Symbol Chooser class App configuration Map configuration Widget configuration Widget pool configuration Widget on screen Panel configuration Group configuration Data Source configuration About Analysis Attribute Table Basemap Gallery Bookmark Chart Coordinate Directions Draw Edit Full Screen Geocoder Geoprocessing Controller Home Button Image Measurement Infographic Layer List Legend Loading Page Measurement My Location Near Me Oblique Viewer Overview Map Print Query Report Feature Reviewer Dashboard Scalebar Search Share Splash Stream Swipe Time Slider Zoom Slider.The following table shows the attributes and descriptions.

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